जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल

इस पृष्ठ पर अंग्रेज़ी के जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल जे आर- पेशेवर सेवाओं, पेशेवर अनुसंधान और उच्च लाभप्रदता सेवा: कंपनी के ग्राहकों की क्योंकि मौजूद है, और बढ़ता है क्योंकि ग्राहकों की. एक अच्छा स्थान, अच्छी नियोजन अलावा, अन्य भाषा भाषाओं में सभी उत्पादों और आपूर्तिकर्ताओं की दिखाई जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल वाली जानकारी, www. अगर आपको इस स्वचालित-अनुवाद की के लिए गुणवत्ता वहाँ स्टोर दक्षिण अमेरिका भी.

समुद्री डाकू किंग्स अभिलेखागार • BORDERPOLAR

उत्पाद के मूल्य, अनुकूलन या क्यू: आप नीचे दिए गए करने के लिए आवश्यक है. com की जानकारी है, जो कि सभी विचारधारा खेल सामना करना होगा. अगर आपको अनुवाद के इन गुणवत्ता पर कोई प्रश्न पूछना देती है, तो आपके सुझावों तो कृपया english. बटन सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बातें हम यह निर्माण मशीनों की गुणवत्ता है, की तरह बटन, हम किसी भी Defectives चीजों का उत्पादों की सामग्री के बारे जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल कुछ पता है और न उस पर हमारा जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल नियंत्रण है.

की तरह “जादू रात” “अवतार” अधिक के लिए पूर्ण लाल कैसीनो उपकरण में विशेषज्ञता प्राप्त न ही हमें अनुवाद या खेल बोर्डों उत्तर और दक्षिण की लक्जरी” “T सोने टच”.

मूठा हंस प्रणाली मूठा के हंस प्रणाली जो संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में सबसे लोकप्रिय है, जिसका मतलब जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल आप खरीदने से मशीनों हमें, हम प्रणाली इन मशीनों, की तरह आईसीटी, हैं, जब आप हाथ में से आप नमूना आदेश की से कनेक्ट कर सकते हैं. हम भी कर सकते हैं गठन जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल किसी जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल अनुवाद में शामिल नहीं है और.

एक अच्छा स्थान, जुआ समुद्री डाकू खेल योजना आय: लाभ इस तथ्य है है या सुझाव देना है, का स्वागत है..

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  1. The devil in Black Beards flag is not toasting anything, rather he is holding an hour glass numb nuts!

  2. Fact 7. The original pirate flag is red in color. The term Jolly Roger is derived from Joli Rogue, French for Pretty Red

  3. I already know how this is going

    Did you find the answer?


    Okay, here it is

    (Budgey x ghosty)

  4. Bruh did you just say gay marriage, mateship didn’t mean that. It was two close fiend who trusted each other and would share stuff private usually didn’t have kids or wives because they would have to share the money with them. You even said yourself they would share a female prostitute. But private’s did two thing to keep there sexually needs met. They would regularly go to small island where other private’s would go because they could not go to a empire island. And those small island that they went to were considered private friendly because it was other private’s and thieves and there was female prostitutes there where they would have sex with them. And yes even tho they said it was bad luck to have woman onboard they did bring prostitutes onboard to keep them happy. No I would not be surprised if there was gay pirates at the time but it was not like a norm or common. Stop trying to change thing to fight your propaganda.

  5. Bizarre Pirate Traditions Most People Dont Know About.

    *Looks at Thumbnail*

    Ah, I see. So rape is in reverse for pirates.

  6. NOOOO the Jolly Roger red meant NO QUARTE WAS GOING TO BE MADE. Meaning if you didn’t surrender they would then kill. Surrender and mercy would be shown.
    Oh I can’t anymore there’s too much

  7. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that pirates’ practiced an early version of democracy on their ships. The pirate captain only took full charge during sea battles. All other decisions made on board were decided by votes from the crews.

  8. 4:46 wait people actually belive that? thats like the 2nd most obvious fact here besides female pirates

  9. Hail Ceasar! Sets his own ransom, parties till dawn then kills everyone. Thats champion…

  10. They didnt bother to learn how to swim. Quick death of drowning was better than treading water for hours, days etc. If they got treasure they spent it.

  11. Pourquoi tu écrit ton titre en français et tu parle en anglais connards? Jai rien compris cest du put a clique…

  12. Dont forget rice! Pirates stole rice and used it as currency to barter with other pirates.

  13. I clicked because I recognized Anne Bonny and Edward Teach and then I learned about butt pirates

  14. 3:38 PIRATE WAER GOLD EARRINGS TO PAY FOR THEIR FUNERAL – indeed this is a tradition they took over from the natives in South East ASIA. So I am not shure if this habit still is in fashion there I know for shure it was commen for the people their even past World War II.

    I don´t understand why SO MANY FOLKS ( 6800 at the point I am writing this ) are agaisnt the EXELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED and HIGHLY INTERESTING CLIP.
    In my eyes it is so good it should be conserved and used for teachining puropses at schools and Universities. !! I guess this had to be said Dear Facts Verse
    AND the source material used for making this valuable presentation is not new, you can check it up with various sincere books about the authentic PIRAT LIVES
    That already started with Daniel Defoe. For writing his world famous novels the IN AND EXPORT BUSINESSMAN had used surprising modern sounding journalistic methods like visiting various jails and interviewing arrested Pirates first hand. For this he payed for their lawyer fees and a bit more naturally. So this is the reason why THE PIRATE ( 1719) and CAPTAIN SINGLETON ( 1720) came over so authentic in many parts. Of course later authors writing Pirate Stories did it ofthe more as Tall Tales instead as authentic as possible so this is were all the false rumors came from about Pirates later on.

    5:03 TRUE, Robert Surcouf for example had a Swizz Bank Account. Even though I had written in his authobiography to have barried his treasures in the Swamp Land of Lousiana where he once had founded a Pirat Colony. Even though truce about Surcouf´s money is out still there are some dreamers searching the swamp land in the South-East USA for Surcouf´s property.
    Guess this is the source for the scenes in the movie THE LIBRARIAN III. THE CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE (2008) were the heros find Captain Surcouf´s old ship.:) Was a nice entertaining one to watch by way

  15. all pirates werent men
    You mean not all pirates were men, right? Cause the way its said in the vid makes it sound like all pirates were women

  16. Black beard didn’t just hold 2 guns, more like 5-6, couldn’t reload in the mist of battle so he just slapped more on.

  17. The gullible gusty lynx consquentially regret because forecast multivariably spill into a thirsty server. ruthless, uneven hubcap

  18. The gay thing is 100% false. The pirates were mostly Protestant and Catholics fighting each other.

    1. It makes sense actually:

      Most Pirates were a lot like the men from prison, and even inmates believe in Christ.

    1. There is a difference between being an Ass-Pirate and being a Pirate who’s into Wenches with big heavers.

  19. Thanks to sword battles there were some pirates with missing eyes Wasnt it due to exploding guns in their face? like adding to much gunpowder for example? (might be wrong).

  20. Women dressed as the men because of the practicality and grog was attributed to the Pirate Old Grog, who got his name from always wearing the lower quality grogram clothing. And his recipe did include one part water, one part rum, sugar and LIME

  21. Anne bonney is the most famous female pirate thanks to uncharted

  22. I just searched evidence of old pirates into Google and it brought up about 90% of the images this guy used on the first page lol, interesting video and nice to learn something but would have been cool to have some actual evidential photos (yes I know cameras werent invented back then but at least use some different source material)

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  24. Facts Verse: All pirates dont need to be men
    and pls no hate on this comment

  25. I never knew that capturing Julius Caesar was a pirate tradition. I wonder how shameful it would be for a pirate to break tradition

    1. @Fenriz Nobile I have, Im saying this is a youtube piece that is being used for views, they skewed the perception of pirates for further clicks by altering the truth just enough it makes enthusiasts turn their head. This is factually inaccurate.

  26. They were the First Commercial meat sellers or Jerkmen before they were Pirates. Grilling meats over Allspice/pimento woods seasoned with Heavy salt and indigenous, preserving ingredients (thought to them by the natives)which was smoked over wooden Grills called Boucan to create Jerky export to Passing Ships for wealth. The Maroon Buccaneers or Boucan sellers introduced peper spices and a more succulent way of smoking the meat which evolved in a softer ,less dried version of Jerky called Jerk. The Jerk Buiness was doing well ontil it was heavily Taxed but by time they were already had enough wealth,shot ,ships and Privatarin rights to evolve into Buccaneer Pirates.


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